Campus Life


The Lord has provided good buildings in a spacious and beautiful campus for us. The seminary has on campus staff quarters, library section, classrooms, offices, guest house, and the seminary hostels accommodate more than 300 students of boys and girls in different separated rooms.


There is a big chapel and staff offices are located in a beautiful building in the campus where chapel service and Sunday worship service are held.

Sport and Games

Knowing the importance on physical well being, the students are encouraged to involve in various physically exercises and to participate in the sports and games which is usually held in the Christmas holidays. You can play football and volleyball on a beautiful artificial grass ground in the campus.


The GFATS has a canteen inside the campus for all students and staff offering delicious dishes and drinks for reasonable prices.

Academic Life 


GFATS library contains more than volumes of books, available for check-out, and plenty of space in library where you can do your personal studies. The library provides excellent researched resources in the field of biblical studies, theology and missions.


In order to evaluate students’ academic progress, the teachers conduct class tests, midterm exams, semester exams as scheduled. Assignments, practical works, class discussions and reading reports are part of the requirement of any given course.

Absence / Leave

Leave of absence is granted only on serious grounds such as serious sickness, death of a close relative and marriage of your own brothers or sisters because 90% of class attendance is required to qualify a student for the semester examination.

Campus Development

Students are requested to co-operate in assigned duties for keeping the seminary campus clean.

Spiritual Life 

Spiritual Renewal

Spiritual Emphasis week is especially held every year during the start of each year. The main purpose of this program is to renew and revive our spiritual life and to bring the right focus in life. All night prayer is also regularly held toward the end of each month.

Fasting and All Night Prayer

The seminary arranges to spend in fasting prayer together on every Friday evenings. Especially, the night of every last Friday of the month is spent in shall night prayer. In this prayer service, the student body will be divided into small groups to their respected class rooms to pray for the national and international needs and churches and missionaries.

Summer Gospel Ministry

During the send and third year of students are required to involve in summer gospel ministry for one month. The purpose of ministry is for recruiting students and to give them practical training for the church growth.